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  1. Don't Make Me Think, Revisited (3rd ed.)
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  3. Don’t Make Me Think: 20 Wise Thoughts about Usability from Steve Krug.
  4. Don't Make Me Think, Revisited

Trademarks. It's not rocket surgery™ is a trademark of Steve Krug. Many of I wrote the first edition of Don't Make Me Think back in By , I began to. beings, it is very helpful to know Steve Krug—or at least to have this.. For instance, “Jobs” may Don't Thinking Skills: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. Don't Make Me Think! a common sense approach to web usability. SECOND EDITION. Steve Krug. New Riders Publishing. Berkeley, California USA.

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Steve Krug Dont Make Me Think Pdf

Tmdema1·ks. It's not rocket surgeryT"' is a trademark of Steve Krug. When I'm looking at a page that doesn't make me think, all the thought balloons over my. Don't Make Me Think, Revisited. A Common Steve Krug / New Riders / ( 3rd Edition) / pages. Overview Usability test script Word PDF. Recording. Trademarks. It's not rocket surgery™ is a trademark of Steve Krug. Many of the Iwrote the first edition of Don't Make Me Think back in By , I began to.

FollowFollowing Mar 12, Design, as well as many other fields, is built upon the works and discoveries of the great professionals. Everyone who wants to be an expert in their craft often seeks for the guidance to learn how to do things right. Various books and articles written by gurus are now in a free access on the internet so those striving at knowledge can find the essential instruction without efforts. We often share quotes and wise thoughts from the best experts in the digital design field in Tubik blog. The first edition was published in and then it was revisited in making it relevant and useful nowadays. Steve Krug sets some basic principles on the usability of interfaces and shares them with professionals working in this field which makes the book one of the top essential resources recommended for UX designers. Unlike good promotional copy, it conveys no useful information, and it focuses on saying how great we are, as opposed to delineating what makes us great. Visual designers and developers now often find themselves doing things like interaction design deciding what happens next when the user clicks, taps, or swipes and information architecture figuring out how everything should be organized. You know too much. Originally collected for tubikstudio.

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Don't Make Me Think, Revisited (3rd ed.)

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Publishers of technology books, eBooks, and videos for creative people. Add To My Wish List. Don't Make Me Think: Part of the Voices That Matter series.

Don’t Make Me Think: 20 Wise Thoughts about Usability from Steve Krug.

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The more you watch users carefully and listen to them articulate their intentions, motivations, and thought processes, the more you realize that their individual reactions to Web pages are based on so many variables that attempts to describe users in terms of one-dimensional likes and dislikes are futile and counter-productive.

Good design, on the other hand, takes this complexity into account. What works is good, integrated design that fills a need—carefully thought out, well executed, and tested.

Don't Make Me Think, Revisited

Designers love subtle cues, because subtlety is one of the traits of sophisticated design. But Web users are generally in such a hurry that they routinely miss subtle cues. Your primary role should be to share what you know, not to tell people how things should be done. Your objective should always be to eliminate instructions entirely by making everything self-explanatory, or as close to it as possible.


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