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JASON BOURNE has 33 entries in the series. Robert Ludlum Author Wulf Bergner Translator (). cover image of The Jason Bourne Series 3-Book Bundle. Millions of readers have followed this master of suspense into the shadowy world of Jason Bourne, an expert assassin haunted by the splintered nightmares of. Results 1 - 12 of Search results for "jason bourne series" at Rakuten Kobo. Read free previews and reviews from booklovers. Shop eBooks and audiobooks.

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Jason Bourne Ebook

The Bourne Identity: Jason Bourne Book #1 (Jason Bourne series) by Robert Ludlum. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Lustbader resurrects Ludlum's hero in this thriller Kindle Store; ›; Kindle eBooks; ›; Literature & Fiction. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. In Lustbader's workmanlike second novel to Robert Ludlum's (TM) The Bourne Betrayal (Jason Bourne series Book 5) eBook: Eric Van Lustbader: Kindle Store.

Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for download. Millions of readers have followed this master of suspense into the shadowy world of Jason Bourne, an expert assassin haunted by the splintered nightmares of his former life—and the inspiration for a series of blockbuster films. Now, for the first time, all three of the gripping Bourne thrillers by Robert Ludlum are packaged together in one spellbinding eBook bundle: His memory is a blank. His bullet-ridden body was fished from the Mediterranean Sea. His face has been altered by plastic surgery. A frame of microfilm has been surgically implanted in his hip. His real name is a mystery. Who is Jason Bourne?

There are a few clues. A frame of microfilm surgically implanted beneath the flesh of his hop.

The Bourne Identity: A Novel (Jason Bourne) - Ebooks

Evidence that plastic surgery has altered his face. Strange things that he says in his delirium -- maybe code words. Initials: "J.

And a number on the film negative that leads to a Swiss bank account, a fortune four million dollars, and, at last, a name: Jason Bourne. But now he is marked for death, caught in a maddening puzzle, racing for survival through the deep layers of his buried past into a bizarre world of murderous conspirators -- led by Carlos, the world's most dangerous assassin.

And no one can help Jason Bourne but the woman who once wanted to escape him. Download HERE! Jason Bourne The Bourne Supremacy Re enter the shadowy world of Jason Bourne, an expert assassin still plagued by the splintered nightmares of his former life.

This time the stakes are higher than ever.

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For someone else has taken on the Bourne identity—a ruthless killer who must be stopped or the world will pay a devastating price. To succeed, the real Jason Bourne must maneuver through the dangerous labyrinth of international espionage—an exotic world filled with CIA plots, turncoat agents, and ever-shifting alliances—all the while hoping to find the truth behind his haunted memories and the answers to his own fragmented past. This time there are two Bournes—and one must die.

At a small-town carnival two men, each mysteriously summoned by telegram, witness a bizarre killing. The telegrams are signed Jason Bourne.

Only they know Bourne's true identity and understand the telegram is really a message from Bourne's mortal enemy, Carlos, known also as the Jackal, the world's deadliest and most elusive terrorist. And furthermore, they know that the Jackal wants: a final confrontation with Bourne. Now David Webb, professor of Oriental studies, husband, and father, must do what he hoped he would never have to do again--assume the terrible identity of Jason Bourne. His plan is simple: to infiltrate the politically and economically Medusan group and use himself as bait to lure the cunning Jackal into a deadly trap--a trap from which only one of them will escape.

Once, Jason Bourne was notorious in the clandestine world of covert-ops as one of the CIA's most expert international killers for hire.

Out of the ashes of his violent past he's emerged today as a Georgetown professor, living a quiet life, retired from danger until he narrowly escapes the bullet of a faceless assassin. And when two of Bourne's closest associates are murdered, Bourne knows that his legacy has followed him and set him up as prime suspect for the brutal crimes.

The quicksand of lies and betrayals is deeper than Bourne ever imagined. Hunted by the CIA as a dangerous rogue agent, he has only one option to stay alive and one last chance to stay one step ahead of an unseen assailant whose vengeance is personal.

Pursued across the globe, Bourne's on the run, and on the edge of discovering the truth that he's become the expendable pawn in an international terrorist plot. After Bourne finds him, Martin returns to the U. In Odessa, Bourne is hampered by confusing flashes of memories.

He becomes convinced that they're false, but who planted them and why? And how can he function if he can't rely on his own memories? Eventually, Bourne figures out that the man he saved in Africa isn't his friend but a double, a terrorist intent on sending Bourne off on a wild goose chase while he himself steals U.

The double, continuing to pose as Martin Lindros, orders a world-wide sanction against Bourne. Now, Bourne must fight off attempts on his life, track down uranium, and stop terrorists from launching an even more devastating attack against the U.

The Bourne Supremacy (Kobo eBook)

Jason Bourne The Bourne Sanction Jason Bourne needs to regain his life as David Webb so he accepts an invitation from his beloved mentor, Dominic Specter, to join the linguistics department at Georgetown. It's a relief to leave the Bourne identity behind, but Jason soon finds himself in a life-or-death confrontation where every move might be his last.

Specter tells him that a former student and son of his old friend was killed by Muslim extremists known as the Eastern Brotherhood.

Their leader is a man named Semian Icoupov, and he must be stopped because his next terrorist target is believed to be right here in America. While Jason is busy pursuing Icoupov in Russia, he's become a target himself. Inside CI, a battle is brewing for control over the agency.

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In order to show the incompetence of its current director, two Pentagon operatives plan to accomplish what CI never could--hunt Bourne down and destroy him. The killing did occur; Koenig used to be a witness; the investigating officer who wrote up the file may legitimately ask why.

In lower than 3 hours a guy will be over the Atlantic, imminent the anniversary of his personal execution.

It was once the main; it was once the capture. It used to be the final irrational act, madness the order of that date. Bourne stood through the table; he placed down the. You got here again for me. He observed her, and what he observed was once unreasonable—as unreasonable because the soreness.

She used to be kneeling beside him, touching his face, touching his head. She used to be asking him a query. He couldn't solution her. What was once she doing?